Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Green Bay, Neenah, WI, Wedding and Engagement Photographer | Nathan&Tiffany... Heirloom album!

I know it's hard to visualize things, especially final products. So when you see the proof of your album, it's hard to realize just how awesome it will be once printed.

I was so impressed with the beauty of this album when I opened the box yesterday. I didn't even want to give this Heirloom Album to Nate and Tiffany... I just wanted to keep it for myself! hah! [See their original wedding photography post here.]

I cannot tell you how incredible this Heirloom album is... so I'll try my best to show you through these images (taken by my point-and-shoot Canon camera with lamp lighting :D).

If you've sat down and discussed wedding collections with me, you know that that I offer two different types of albums: the Heirloom Album and the Memory Book.

This is the Heirloom Album, once again, and worth every cent.



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