Monday, July 19, 2010

Exciting things! | Neenah, Wisconsin, Wedding Photographer

We've got some great new items coming soon to our wedding packages!

Although still in the decision and placement process, the wedding packages will be revamped a little bit for 2011. The addition of a few products, the removal of some others... one new thing I'm really excited about is albums!

We'll be offering two different styles of albums. The one I'm highlighting today is the "Heirloom" album. This is truly a masterpiece album. I just got this sample in today, so let's begin the preview!

Note: Click here to see this album.. showing full page-spread examples of the custom-design-work by Baseman Studios Photography.

To start, we have a beautiful, textured box with gold ribbon.

Opening the box, we get past the black paper and see the soft felt pocket, which protects a little more.

Ooo... :) First glimpse of the album!

This is the photo-canvas cover option. This album is also available with fine black leather and optional embossing.

Black and white page spreads. Very sleek.

Color page spreads.

Rounded page corners means no bent edges!

Couldn't resist one of my favorite shots from the day.

Baseman Studios knows of a few perfect finishing touches to really make the albums classy.

Look at that binding. These albums have a nice, long shelf life.

The professional prints are adhered to a wonderful, thick substrate and "hinged" to lay flat, whether you're in the middle of the album...

.... or the beginning or the end.

Again, immaculate quality, professionally done, bound to last forever. Naturally, what you'd expect from Baseman Studios.

These are perfect for displaying on easels, coffee tables, bookshelves, or anywhere!


  1. Wow, that is an awesome & gorgeous book!! I wish we had something like that from our wedding but I guess my scrapbook will have to do!! LOL

  2. I'm very much in love... :) I'm excited to get to offer it to my clients though!