Monday, December 8, 2008

Creative BW!

Our last assignment in our basic portrait class was to come up with a creative black and white portrait. For lack of a better idea, I drug Joel into the studio to help me come up with something intresting..

I used a small 12" softbox for the hairlight, and then a spot grid to get the harsh lighting on his face that falls off quickly on his body. Way off in the distance, I added a 4'x6' softbox for fill.

I love this... it turned out really well. Quite obviously I'm biased, but I think others will like it too!


  1. I would LOVE...actually for you to show me that....this is an awesome shot of Joel, very manly. He looks thrilled!

  2. He actually didn't mind it too much... I hope. :) He was a very good sport, even about the hair!