Thursday, December 4, 2008

PJ Photo story

Cup of Joe!!

The most amazing coffee shop on Main Street in Cedar Falls...

We had to do a "photo story" for Photojournalism... our final assignment for this class, thank goodness.

I took out a fish-eye this morning and had a little fun! (And also a really great chocolate chai!)


  1. LOVE it, mariah! the decks of cards photo is my favorite... :)

  2. love these shots! looks like a fisheye and a prime :) yay for stories.

  3. Hey....what's the program you used for Suzanne's senoir pics that added the "S" and the star thingy's?

  4. Thanks, Lindsay and Weston.. :) I had so much fun doing this assignment. Fish-eye lenses are amazing, totally going to have to get my own soon...

    Also, Amber, I just used photoshop and the text tool. Once you get your text on there, just play with the layer effects and opacity. Same thing with the stars on there, just one of the brushes on a blank layer and then played around with the opacity, effects, and blending modes. I can show you sometime if you like...