Thursday, October 30, 2008

Not so unsettling...

I've made my decision and settled on a major/specialization in the Photography program... *whew* That was a toughie... or not. :) Quite obviously, portrait was calling my name. I'm taking a pretty in-depth weddings class next semester, as well as an advanced electronic imaging class (beyond Photoshop!), a Studio Promotions class for marketing, and then my major, Advanced Portrait.

Here's a few of the portraits for assignments recently:

Taler, a 1st year Photography student for the male portrait/lighting assignment. He was a blast to work with. This was shot digitally on my 30D with a 70-200mm in the studio.

Amanda Weede, a 2nd year Photography student for the window light assignment. This was shot film with the Hasselblad and 150 mm lens and scanned. Isn't the difference between the two qualities amazing?? The color with film is just spot on, whereas you can manipulate digital all you want and you still don't get that beautiful skin tone. (But no, I'm not a die hard film fan... yet.. :D)


  1. nice, your portraits are amazing, so that's a good fit. film has it's advantages for Landscape photography, but for portraits and weddings, digital is king. I read Ken Rockwell's blog daily. He's got a cool write-up on how digital is dying Oct 29th. I'm not interested in film right now tho, I take way too many shots.