Friday, October 31, 2008

Cool drinks and warm colors

Found a couple neat randoms on my comp while looking through pics to find my 12 best photos of 2008 so far for an electronic imaging assignment. This first one was taken down at the Figge in Davenport, IA, in their little cafe area... Will post more later from here, especially the ah-mazing elevator..

This was shot taken this summer that I hadn't even seen until I was looking back through Suzanne's pictures. Turned out really well..

This was for one of the lounge's in Cedar Falls for their promotions/menu's... A couple other students and I went with our instructor Dan one evening and shot this among others. I won't include others since we all took turns shooting on my camera, so they're not all mine... :)


  1. I also shoot a lot of pictures of glasses and liquor bottles when I'm bored at receptions. They make awesome composition. Nice shot.

  2. sweet pics :)
    props to the best photographerrrr :)
    who takes sweet pictures!
    the ones on Saturday turned out great..thanks a bunch for taking the time!

  3. thanks... purely my pleasure!! :) Can't wait to post them on here..