Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Elyse+Kevin :: 10.05.12 | An Autumn Appleton Wedding

Well, we have come to the third and final post for Elyse and Kevin's wedding day earlier this October. If you missed the ceremony and our time spent at Plamann Park, check those out first! :)

If you have seen those, you'll know that the evening promised some great moments as well.

We had great music and vocals from Dorsey Entertainment. What a fun atmosphere!

The bride and groom's first dance.

A very sweet father-daughter dance.

A somewhat lively mother-son dance.

The shoe game! This is such a crowd-pleaser... and I find myself giggling the whole way through!

"Wait, that's me!"

A spirited polka.

Maybe too spirited... ;)

A song dedicated to the bride's mother.

They had the sweetest connection...


A dance request from the bride's brother.

Too sweet for words.

Rockin' Gangnam Style. Nothing like a little Korean techno to liven up the dance floor.

And then the mood turned a bit somber.

One of their friends had passed away tragically, and they danced in memory of him.

A few tears, lots of hugs, but definitely a celebration of life. It gave me chills.

And just a showcase of the local talent... ;)

Just as I was about to tear myself away from "working" and head back home, I said bye to everyone on the patio.

That resulted in a few fun images! :)

Kevin and Elyse, I truly *loved* documenting your wedding day. Many thanks to you and your wedding party for welcoming me with open arms... I will treasure these warm memories from this gorgeous yet chilly autumn day for a lifetime! Best wishes!

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