Monday, October 29, 2012

Elyse+Kevin :: 10.05.12 | An Autumn Appleton Wedding

I had *thee* hardest time narrowing down these images to put up a full blog post(s) for Elyse, Kevin, and their friends and family...

We joked several times as we met up for different occasions that they're "old souls." We laugh at the same Friends' references, had many connections, and got along fabulously. Everything about them is real, down to earth, and relaxed.

It was no wonder I was excited as their wedding day drew closer.

The church was lovely, flower arrangements were exquisite, and the weather nearly perfect. Just a bit chilly, but good for October in Appleton, Wisconsin! :)

Their wedding party was an absolute blast. It is so much fun when I, just the lowly photographer, am welcomed as such an integral part of the wedding day.

Elyse had planned to spend a full 3 (?) hours out at Plamann Park in the afternoon photographing, and the autumn colors were right at their peak. Gorgeous.

Back to Trolley Square in downtown Appleton, where we had incredible food (I put down a whole 12-oz steak! Plus veggies!!), shared laughter, and touching moments on the dance floor. Never before have I dedicated an entire blog post to the dance of a wedding! (Just you wait, it's coming. :D)

Anyway, please enjoy, as much as I have... Elyse and Kevin's wedding day. :)

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