Monday, May 14, 2012

Real | Neenah Portrait and Wedding Photographer


A blog post? Not sharing any serious news? Not sharing images from a recent engagement session? Not sharing a wedding planning tip?

You mean, a real, honest-to-goodness blog post from my heart to yours?!

You got it... Must be the summer-like temps outside. Or the incredible recent engagement session I photographed. We'll get to that in a day or two. Promise. ;)

Okay, enough build up. From the depths of my heart... here we go.


I think every photographer goes through a process of finding his or her style. It's necessary to try a few new things, experiment, see what other photographers are doing, and learn from the "fashion-esque" photography that you find all over Pinterest. This is how you develop new skills.

And then I think it's important to remember what the purpose of all of that is... inspiration only.

I follow a lot of photographers. For several different reasons. Beautiful imagery, witty posts, inspiring words, or all-of-the-above. A lot of them are from my college days or contacts through the WPPA (Wisconsin's Professional Photographers' Association). Many times I don't even know the photographer, or I have yet to meet them outside of Facebook.

It is so important to learn new tricks. Keep improving skills. Try out some different things that impress you.

BUT, then remember what you love about your own work. Define your own style. Come back to why clients are drawn to you, why they recommend you to others.

Last week, one of those aforementioned photographers posted something that has stayed with me.
I'm on a mission to create real, honest, timeless, beautiful photography, not something that's lifeless and looks like it's pulled from the [insert title of funky bohemian] catalog. Can I get an amen?

And yes, I gave her a hearty amen.

Because I strive each and every portrait session and wedding that I photograph to capture what's real.

Capture what is honest.

Preserve what is timeless and beautiful.

When I first posted some information about the 2013 Senior Rep Program, one of my lovely Facebook fans commented "I like how clean and real your senior portraits are!"

It melted my heart and was music to my ears. Talk about warm fuzzies.

So, as this photography season hits full swing (which, is right about... now), I will make a promise to you.

Every session. Every wedding. Let's keep it real, okay? Let's keep it honest. Timeless. And yes, quite beautiful.

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