Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Do I need a second-shooter? | Wedding Planning Tips

Somehow, it is Wednesday again. Somehow. Last week I missed providing you with a wedding planning tip.. I believe it was because I was busy preparing wedding images for this blog. ;) Please forgive me.

One of the questions I often get asked, is "do I need a second shooter?" which brings me to today's wedding planning tip.

Some wedding photographers automatically provide a 2-person team, others have a second-shooter as an option, and yet others prefer to work alone.

It seems to mostly be personal preference of the bride, whether she wants additional coverage on her wedding day. It can be helpful to have another eye and a second angle throughout the most memorable times of the wedding day.

It's important to know exactly what your photographer offers and think about what you'd like captured.

The "getting ready" time period is one of those important moments. It can be handy to have one photographer spending time with the ladies and the other with the men. (Did I just say "handy?" On my blog? Yikes. Please forgive me.)

However, many photographers that work alone have gotten quite good at splitting up their time between both parties.

Often many of the story-telling shots that work beautifully for the album can still be captured.

Usually there's time to capture some of the just-plain-funny moments as well... like two groomsmen + the groom all crowded into the tiny bathroom. :)

(Remember Chase & Sarah? Click here to view their original blog post of their wedding day from last August.)

Remember, it comes down to (again) how you would like your wedding day preserved. Having two photographers can be a definite plus, but many brides and grooms find one experienced photographer is plenty.

Baseman Studios Photography falls into the second category. Yours truly is included in each and every collection, yet there is an option for a second-shooter at an hourly rate. This can be handy if you would like some additional coverage for the getting-ready time, the ceremony, or any other special moment throughout your wedding day. (I just said "handy" again. Help! I think I need a thesaurus.)

Happy Wednesday. (Congrats on making it halfway through the week!)

And, as always, happy wedding planning! :)

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