Monday, January 10, 2011

Warmer days & beautiful brides! | Fox Valley, WI, Wedding Photographer; Neenah, WI, Wedding Photographer

I love this image (right below)... makes me think of warmer days. I have a sister-in-law spending a semester of college up in Alaska right now, so I shouldn't complain... but wow, it's been cold here lately. I start to get pretty nostalgic this time of year for summer. :)

I love wedding day details. In my mind, the details make up a wedding. Don't care about your wedding day details? Too busy? Hire a wedding planner such as Details, a professional planning company (Appleton), All Dressed Up Event Planning (Neenah), Seize the Day Events (Green Bay), to take care of these details for you! They're also exceptional at the "big stuff" too.

Some wedding planners and vendors offer incentives or mutual-client discounts. This is why: wedding vendors appreciate other wedding vendors who are great to YOU, their clients! Getting recommendations from other vendors is almost an insurance policy, if you will, because they know the reputation and quality that company/vendor offers.

Ask your wedding vendors who they prefer... who has impressed them, who shows up on time, who delivers every. single. time.

Soon, I'll be putting up another page to this blog... listing some of my favorite vendors. I'll also tell you if there's any mutual-client discounts headed your way! :)

Enjoy Fred&Wynne's ceremony... and stay warm!

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