Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Sparkly! | Wedding Photographer | Neenah, Wisconsin

It's no secret that I love sparkly things... 3 years ago, I was married in the dress with the most sparkles I could find.

Click to enlarge this snapshot of me in my sparkly wedding dress.

Enough about  me. So, of course, I rather enjoy engaged couples and weddings! Rings, dresses, accessories, and all sorts of gorgeousness.


Speaking of accessories, check out Margo Rouge from Menasha, Wisconsin. Another one of my favorite wedding vendors in the area, Heather has the most chic accessories you could find... anything from modern to retro, everything custom and hand-made. Examples of awesome Margo Rouge accessories (Photos borrowed from http://www.margorouge.com/):


Fred&Wynne didn't have any of Margo Rouge's accessories in their wedding... just got sidetracked for a moment. :)

However, I do absolutely LOVE Wynne's dress! Sparkle-city!

Did you see her bracelet matches the cluster at the top of her dress? Love it!

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