Monday, August 2, 2010

24weeks {4days} Sneak Peek! | Neenah Maternity Photographer

Last week was the 24-week marker... so we had another round of photos. She had a lot of great ideas, including working in her/their room with their bed and some maternity/baby books.

Gave me a little more practice with my flash (bouncing it off the ceiling) to create the look I was imagining... I love the inside shots more than what we captured outside!

Video's coming tomorrow and the rest spread out the next few days. :)


Ps. A huge thank-you to all my fans and followers who gave your opinions on my idea for a new logo. Many of you told me to keep trusty, old faithful, which I am going to do. However, I'll be adding a lot more color in the future and streamlining some things when I re-work my sessions, packages, and prices for 2011.

Here's a little preview:

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