Thursday, July 29, 2010

Help, please! | Neenah Portrait Photographer

I've been coming to the realization lately that my logo looks a little outdated... not very snappy and modern.

Seems a little stagnant.. or is it just time for a change after two years of using my trusty same font?

I figure that before I get really deep into samples, packaging, and other goodies (such as a sign for the car window... exciting!) for the business, I should probably settle this feeling for sure.

So what are your thoughts? Do you like it the way it is? Or do you think it needs an update?

This is one of my ideas. I would use the colored version throughout all my packaging, and a gray tone version for the prints and images.


  1. Honestly, I like youre old font better. I think its more classy, and I'll take classy over modern any day. Just a personal opinion though. The new logo still looks nice though. :) Ps. I can say for sure that you can count on the cousin for a senior session!

  2. I agree with Mir. Companies that survive longterm are ones that have timeless, yet recognizable logos (McDonalds, Coca Cola, etc). The two above are too modern. In ten years, people will look at them and think you are a photographer stuck in the '10s (Haha! That sounds so funny to say/ I like the 'swoosh'. I say add something to that and stick with the same font. <3 Nikki

  3. Ditto! I like what you have. I would say you cant keep changing either. People need to recoginze the logo. Dont mess with a good thing.