Sunday, October 5, 2008

PJ felt left out..

As you can probably imagine, I don't really enjoy Photojournalism, the third and never aforementioned specialization offered at Hawkeye. I suppose that its good for me to struggle through this, because through struggling, I can learn.. ??

Anyway, I'm having an easier time now of walking up to people and talking to them, getting their names, etc. so if anything, it's helped my people skills. It's hard for me to grasp the concept of the right moment, or to catch the fleeting millasecond when a certain face has a certain expression with a certain background with certain lighting and a certain camera angle, just to name a few aspects of a great pj picture... phew, I'd much rather set up a scene, or better yet, be able to manipulate my images after the fact.

So these are a few that I've shot for PJ. No comments on my lack of skill here, please. :)

This was a hilarious rodeo clown at the National Cattle Congress Fair rodeo on Saturday, Sept 21. He was "picking his wedgie."

I just shot this today of a young girl cleaning out her pumpkin at La Porte City's fall festival and po-dunk city gathering. :) She was adorable. This was for a general news assignment, but didn't end up using this one.
Note: to all LaPorte City residents (yes, all 500 of you), I mean you no disservice by calling your fall festival po-dunk. Please don't sic your farm animals after me.

This was a young girl at the National Cattle Congress Fair on the 18th of September this time. She went on this ride probably 30 times. I got to talking with her mom, also; guess she's a little spitfire! :) I was going to use this for my 'feature' assignment, but didn't really fit, I was told.

Okay, this was also at the Cattle Congress Fair, and again on the 18th. I happened to meet up with Monte (from class) and our instructor just about to try to attempt to get on a ride with some young kid who was willing to have his/her picture taken and sit next to a complete stranger. (Also the mom willing to let her child do this!) Monte wanted to get a shot of her in focus with the background blurred out. I guess he didn't get too much, but this shot certainly has some bragging rights for me.


  1. oooo, that last one is it photoshopped? Photojournalism is my favorite!

  2. No Photoshop here! Aside from basic darkroom techniques (dodging/burning/color correction), you'd be fired on the spot if you ever turned in something Photoshopped for a magazine/newspaper. Serious rules about the validity of images with photojournalism...

  3. i love the last picture on the carnival ride.. very cool!