Monday, September 17, 2012

Jenny + Joey :: Wedding Video | Green Bay Wedding Photographer

Starting tomorrow afternoon, I will be out of the office. My husband and I are headed out of town for nearly two straight weeks. Phones will be off with little reception most of the time, no Facebook, no internet or email... just some good ol' R&R for our souls. :) I can't wait.

In the mad scramble that always ensues when you are trying to pick up and leave (in the midst of busy season! eek!), I am working on some loose ends. I may even take the time to blog personally. Whoa. Brace yourselves.

First, something that has been on my mind for a while now. Copyrights are serious things, folks. Images, as well as other creative/art work, are protected. You know this. So do I.

I know how it feels when images are used, reproduced, copied, screenshotted (yes, that's a violation too), and printed without my permission. It downright stinks. Images that I can invest so much into... the education and experience, the photography itself, and finally, editing and perfecting can be ripped off and used.

And, um, music is protected too. But you all know that too. And so do I. I decided it is way past time to be responsible about the music I use to create these wonderful slideshows for you all. I hope you all understand as I switch from using a favorite or meaningful song of that couple to using music that is specifically licensed for slideshow use. They might not be the ones we all sing along to every day, but there are some really neat songs out there, promise!

Now, touching on the subject of slideshows... remember Jenny and Joey from earlier this June?

Click here to view their slideshow. Wow, it is soo much fun re-living these memories from their day! :)

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