Monday, August 27, 2012

Adam+Melanie :: 08.11.12 | Neenah New London Wedding Photographer

Adam and Melanie both have very special places in my heart.

If you remember, we had a blast in their engagement session earlier this year. We even had fun playing with powdered paint! :)

I was blown away by the details that Adam and Mel planned for their wedding day... everything was fun yet ceremonious with deep meaning.

It was a gorgeous backyard wedding, complete with a beautiful, heart-touching ceremony which made everyone cry (ahem). Then we headed over to Givens Farm close by in Hortonville, for some fun wedding party/family shots, and enjoyed some incredible hospitality while there.

Back again for a late lunch, an open mic which left us laughing and, once again, crying, and a smashing get-away as the afternoon came to a close.

Enjoy part 1!

They were already sisters-in-law at heart! :)

A groom always needs a little help.

Especially from his mom and future mother-in-law! Adoable! :)

Mel's dad was adorable. He asked if he could see her... thoughtfully said "Wow," and then asked if he could grab a snapshot of her with his camera. Of course! What a sweetie. :)

What a moment!

Ruffles, shoes.. this image has everything that makes my detail-orientated heart sing!

Stay tuned... a slideshow is on the way, and then the rest of their sneak will be posted in the coming days!

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