Saturday, July 14, 2012

What's going on?? | Neenah Portrait Photographer

Okay, another little heart-to-heart. Me to you. :)

It's time to fill you all in a bit.

The better part of a month ago, I was in a car accident, which many of you know.

About 5 days after the accident, I started having migraines and noticing signs of whiplash.

In the past 2-3 weeks, I have had increasing pain and extreme tightness/soreness in my back and neck, along with more intense migraines more often.

Some days have been great and others have been rotten. I feel so fortunate that there weren't any worse damages, but it has been quite a roller coaster.

Just in this last week, I got back the results of some chiropractic x-rays, where I found out that my spine is crooked, which you can see a beautiful visual representation of below. And don't laugh. I am a photographic artist, not a drawing artist. ;)

What's more important, or I should say a bigger deal, than my spine, is the fact that my neck has lost its 63* curve, has gone straight, and started to curve the other way. I had no idea of any of this, or what's even considered normal, until just this week. (Ps. If you want a recommendation for a great chiropractor here in the Appleton area, just message me privately. I am blown away by the service and education of my new one.)  I am not sure of everything that I will have to do yet, but I know with proper care and treatment, most of the time, this can be reversed. **crosses fingers, knocks on wood, jumps 5 times and spins in a circle** Kidding about the jumping. :)

Anyway, so why tell you all this?

In addition to my fun aches and pains, I have been busy treating this and trying to heal my body. In the past month, I have had quite a few "not very good days," which destroys my productivity. Also, in the immediate future, I will be needing quite a bit of time to start correcting some of these issues. This has already affected the time I spend on my photography work quite a bit, and most likely will continue to do so, unfortunately.

So, first this is a sincere apology and humble thank-you to those who have been so patient with me while waiting for images, sneak peeks, galleries, and the like.

Also, I have quite a bit of things on my to-do list currently. I *promise* I will work through everything as quickly as possible. I have multiple albums to design, several orders to edit and place, a couple sessions to work though, and then a bridal show coming up this next week.

I have been so overwhelmed with how caring and wonderful you all have been... I so appreciate all the words of comfort and encouragement! Please feel free to keep in touch, otherwise, I will keep working through "the list" and will let you know when things are ready, sound good?

Thanks, everyone!


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