Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Jenny+Joey :: Part 3 | Green Bay Wedding Photographer

Oh, such a fun day.

We stopped by The Woods Golf Course for some picture-taking action, which proved that you must always expect the unexpected for wedding days.. :)

It took us a couple tries, but we eventually got everyone jumping at the same time!

Jenny's fun idea.. :)

Then, it was party time.. everyone hopped on the bus and headed out bar-hopping.

I skipped out a little early to head to Brett Farve's Steakhouse, where the reception was held. What a gorgeous ballroom!

This was a sweet moment...

I must say... I had quite a bit of fun with the lights from cdj Fortune Talent's sweet setup. :)

The wedding party after the Grand March... What a fun day!

Congrats again, Joey and Jenny!

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