Wednesday, April 18, 2012

2 Defining Wedding Photographer Qualities | Wedding Planning Tips

Well, hello... It's Wednesday again! That means another great tip (from a photographers' perspective) coming up.

Let's be real for a bit. There are a lot of really great photographers out there. Each one has their own style, their own personalities, and their own way of interacting with clients. Of course, they each have their own structure for services, products, and what they offer to you on the wedding day.

When I was at the bridal show the other evening, I chatted with one particular bride that inquired about a date that I was already booked. I hate it when that happens. :/

Anyway, she was sweet and asked me if I had any recommendations or what to look for as she was narrowing down her options and choosing a photographer.

I thought for a quick second and came up with two great things to look for in your wedding and engagement photographer. I know, the best lists, the ones that make the blogosphere go around, are always at least three things long. There's a science to creating lists that are enticing and draw readership. Thinking on my feet doesn't give me a whole lot of time to insert philosophy into my answers though. ;)

So, the two most important qualities in a wedding photographer are
1. Style
2. Personality

(Gasp. I didn't say the investment required!)

1. Style

You want your photographer's style to represent you. Well, that sounds pretty mundane, doesn't it?

To be quite honest, a confident photographer will clearly describe his or her style to you. If you want more of the trendy, let's-go-out-in-a-field-of-grass-with-a-bed-and-a-chair photography, definitely don't invest in a photographer that specializes in high-fashion, black-and-white wedding portraiture.

Obviously, most photographers are well-rounded enough to capture all the different aspects of your wedding day.. the details, the photojournalistic moments, the posed family portraits, etc. However, usually each photographer has a specialty, area that they are strong in, or an aspect that they particularly enjoy and highlight.

It cannot be stressed enough that the work that you see of a photographer is exactly what your final product will look like.

2. Personality

"Hey, my name is Mariah. Nice to meet you. I'll be your constant companion for the next 8-10 hours. Bummer if you are uncomfortable around me." Yikes. That would make for a great day of wedding tension and fun, right?

Unfortunately, I know a few photographers work this way.

The personality of the photographer is one of the most forgotten aspects of a wedding photographer.

No joke, we spend more time with you than your mom, wedding party, and sometimes even your fiance/spouse on your wedding day.

It is imperative that we get to know each other, that we mesh well together, and that you are comfortable enough to be yourselves.

We photographers love our jobs, love getting to know couples, and love spending hours with them on one of the most important days of their lives. We form bonds, start friendships, sometimes even end up photographing future children. It's an amazing process.

The future bride I was talking to at the show mentioned she was impressed with the advice and was happily surprised that I had not mentioned things like products offered and the investment required.

So there you have it. In my mind, the two most defining qualities in a wedding photographer. Style. Personality.

P.S. It was a fun show... the live music was beautiful! A great big thanks to all who stopped by and said hi.

P.P.S. I managed to stay awake, too.. That 9:00pm stuff is for the birds! ;)

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