Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Wedding Day Schedule: Ceremony Time | Wedding Planning Tips

Today is Wednesday already! Wow, another week has flown by so fast!

That means another little wedding planning tip for you all.

Last week, we talked about feeding your photographer. If you missed it, here's the post. :)

This week, let's talk scheduling!

During consultations, we usually chat about what wedding day schedule you're planning. We chat about many things, actually, and sometimes chat the better part of an hour or more. ;)

Anyway, many times future brides and grooms don't really know what kind of schedule they would like.

The most important thing to plan first is the ceremony time.

Early afternoon seems to be the most popular time for wedding ceremonies, but late morning ceremonies are becoming more common as well.

Morning ceremonies give you time to go to several locations for bride and groom portraits, fun bridal party shots, bar hopping, and those types of activities. They also give your guests time to head back to the hotel and take a little break before the big evening of dinner, fun, and dancing.

Early afternoon ceremonies seem to give enough time for the ceremony, an hour or two of "picture time," followed up by the cocktail hour and the rest of the evening.

When a couple is planning out their day, they need to ask themselves what is important and what isn't.

Do you envision you and your wedding party going around town? Do you want to maximize your time with your photographer, capturing intimate bride and groom portraits as well as bridal party shots? Do your guests have enough to do to keep them occupied for the whole day? Maybe a morning ceremony is right for you.

Or maybe you and your fiance are willing to sacrifice a little "fun" time with your bridal party and spend a little more time with your guests.

Or maybe you only have one option based on your church, location, or other venue, and that's fine too.

My personal favorite is a ceremony at 1:00 or 1:30pm. It seems that gives us enough time to capture the necessary family shots and allows for some creative bridal party set ups, as well as some intimate bride-and-groom portraits.

PS. You can never be too generous when planning for your wedding day schedule! It's best to plan that everything will take a little more time. It's rare that all happens as scheduled, but if it does, you have a little extra time to relax and enjoy your day!

PPS. I was resisting change like something crazy... but, I've finally updated the Baseman Studios Facebook page to the new Timeline. I'm pretty pleased actually, in this first 30 minutes I've played with it. What do you all think? Have you switched your personal pages to Timeline yet?

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