Tuesday, January 4, 2011

An archived wedding | Wedding Photographer in Neenah, Wisconsin

When I'm 'just' a contracted second-shooter for weddings, sometimes I like to have a little more fun.

Sometimes, (heh, all of the time) my clients get preferred treatment for sessions, orders, and blog posting. And sometimes, great images get 'stowed' away for a later time.

Now, in honor of January being some unspoken national wedding planning month, these great images from last October are being brought to the table.

Meet Fred & Wynne... they had been a couple for quite a few years by the time they were married on 10.02.10. It was easy to see their quiet, underlying love for each other throughout the day. They are a very down-to-earth couple loved by family, friends, and neighbors.

Both the ceremony and the reception/dance were held at The Marq,which is a lovely facility. Just as if we'd ordered it, the sprinkles went away, clouds opened up and a bright ray of sunshine burst forth as Wynne came down the aisle. Lovely!

Enjoy! I'll be posting more throughout the next couple of days. :)

Fred&Wynne {10.02.10}

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