Thursday, August 19, 2010

Upgrade | Neenah, Wisconsin, Portrait Photographer

You know that giddy feeling when you're excited about something?

Or maybe it was just you made your coffee too strong. Both cause the jitters and upset stomachs. Hard to tell.

Maybe it's time to back off on the coffee. Just a thought.

Regardless, I'm very excited.


My younger brother is a computer hardware-guru, and actually built the computer I've been using for the last 2-3 years.  Still runs great. He's the one I call when I have a question.

Why didn't you answer your phone?
Oh, you have a life outside tech support calls from your sister?
Right. Sorry.

Regardless, he's pretty much the best, and he's passed some of that love onto me. Very fun to mess around in the computer's innards...

What does this thing do?
Oh, do I need that?



Today, a nice, fat package from Newegg will be arriving at the door. I think Newegg is one of the best computer/photo/video/all things electronic and otherwise retailers ever. More RAM, a couple terabytes, and Win 7 are going in this thing.

Here's my plug for desktop PC's over desktop Mac's: This big upgrade is a bit like getting a new computer, which would be an investment of thousands in the Apple products. However, I can take this rig, open up the case, pop in my RAM, harddrive, and put a new OS on for just over $400.

And in two years, I (by that, I mean my amazing tech support) can swap out the motherboard, put in a faster processor, add more hard-drive space, more RAM, and more for a quarter of the cost to buy new.

And that seems worth it to me.


So, how does this affect you?

A gentle reminder to lay off the caffeine.

And, you get everything faster because Baseman Studios gets to do everything behind the scenes at Jimmy John's speed.

Faster is a good thing, right?

(And just because I can't let you go without a picture, here's how I procrastinate in Photoshop.)


  1. Wow. :) You look very organized :) Or is that a clean version of your desk? And it isn't always like that? Kidding.

  2. Hmm Jess and I's experience with Jimmy Johns was a bad one! We always say subs so slow you'll fall asleep! Not sure that bodes well for you!:)

  3. Usually keep the desk pretty clean.. can't work otherwise. However, there's usually a small pile of papers to file, etc, and my Wacom tablet is usually down ready to use. :)

    And Lana, I guess I've always had a good experience with them. Their radio ads always cracked me up. :)