Thursday, August 5, 2010

Shirts! | Neenah Portrait Photographer

I need your help!

I live in t-shirts (and tank-tops in the summer).. I wear them all the time! In the past, my photo program shirts have been my staple for shooting sessions. However, I think it's time to do a little upgrade into something of my own.

I've come up with some designs that I want to get printed. Along with these, I'm looking into formal, oxford-type shirts for client consultations, photographing weddings, and the like.

Any thoughts/opinions?

(ps. This is why I do photography and not anything drawing-related. Heh.)


  1. Why not put a curly thing on the front too? Like have a couple coming out from different places? And yes, stick to taking pics! ;)

  2. Good idea, Emily. I'm afraid a large portion of the decision will be based on the different pricing options. I will definitely post pictures when I get them printed!