Wednesday, August 4, 2010

24weeks {4days} | Neenah Maternity Photographer

Her project recently has been house painting. Yes. House painting. Her motto is "pregnant, not handicapped." She had some great ideas to use the house and some props to show what she's been doing.

Little miss was out of bed an hour past bed-time. Uh oh.

Scaffolding. Can you picture her crawling around on scaffolding painting? Sigh. Crazy lady.

Her, uhm, cranberry juice. To help with things. You know. :)

Another great idea of hers... sitting in bed (which was great for the sciatica! maybe house painting isn't? :D) reading pregnancy books. I thought she already would know everything since she's already had two kiddos..? Or do these things change? haha.

I had some practice with bouncing my flash around off the ceiling... it was great! I love how they turned out! These remind me of stock or magazine images. Of course, I'm sure the king bed with the fluffy comforter, and beautiful teal walls add to the charm. :)

Peeking. Bump and Mom. :)

Definitely can see the growth!

PS. Anyone else want to "borrow" that top? So adorable! I wonder if they make non-maternity versions of it...


  1. Aw I love these!! That little girl really is growing! And yes...she is slightly crazy.. :)

  2. I love the pictures :) Mariah, you do an amazing job!!

  3. They turned out really nice! Let's just add that there is cranberry juice in that glass and not prune juice! ahah

  4. Yes, I agree about the top! I would need a small though :) Have you found my comment on your blog?? And the senior to be...isn't one of the friends is he? :) You take great pics!

  5. Haha, yes, Emily.. on both accounts. :) Just didn't get a chance to comment back yet.

    All my emails come to my phone, so I know about it right away. :)

  6. Oh, and thanks to you other folks. :) This was such a fun session!

  7. :) So see you soon then? :) Welll, September?

  8. Whups. Wrong comment. :) No, I'm just from Iowa. I went to school in Waterloo, but then moved up to the grand state of Wisconsin with my husband after I graduated. I don't think we'll even make it back for Boyden this year. :( Would be nice, though!

  9. Too bad :( Now I can't see you for another whole year or so...I am mad at Joel ;) Oh and, just an fyi I have Dynamite stuck in my head now :)

  10. Haha, I confused myself! So to my in the first comment...not about where you live :) but the other one..yes or no...sorry :) I am kinda lost right now :)

  11. Haha, I was a bit confused too. :)

    Actually, we were just back in Iowa last weekend... for less than 12 hours though. Had to pick up a motor for our car. You should come up here for convention with my mom, though. Marion is the week after Boyden... tons of kids here. Just throwing it out there, haha. :)

    Oh, yes, I watched that video and listened to that song so much yesterday (and today too :D) that I'm pretty close to having every word memorized. haha

  12. So yes or no?!
    Let me get this straight, you will come to Iowa to get a motor...but you won't come to convention?! What is wrong with you? :) You will miss seeing all the great people(like me) I start school the 18th, so can't miss school.
    Maybe I should stop clicking the play button :) but it is a really good song!