Thursday, July 8, 2010

Thoughts. | Neenah Children's Photographer

Maybe it's the rain. Or Lorie Line I'm listening to.

But it's put me in a pensive mood. And made me think of this quote I ran across the other day.

"Doctors save your life. Photographers save your memories.

Losing either one would be tragic."
~Mel from

Photographs have the power to evoke emotions and bring back floods of memories. I've so often heard stories about family photographs taken and then a family member passes away shortly after. Or stories about a bride and groom having a horrible accident on their honeymoon... and all that's left to remember them by are the wedding photos. Or terrible stories about accidents with children.

We never know what life's going to bring. Isn't it better to preserve the memories now? That little quirk or lopsided smile of your child, those little moments shared between you and your spouse, or even the way Grandma wraps everyone in a bear hug.... even complete strangers on the street!

Let beautiful, timeless photography work for you. Today is gone forever once tomorrow comes.

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