Friday, July 23, 2010

Do you really want that DVD? {Edited Images} | Neenah Wedding Photographer

Clients ask all kinds of questions. "Do you release or sell your copyright to your images?" "Do you give us the images?" "Can we get a DVD of all of our images?" "I'm sorry, we don't want any prints or an album, we just want the DVD."

Actually, you don't want that DVD. Here's why.

You have your wedding. It's amazingly beautiful, everything goes smooth and perfectly. Your photographer is fun and enjoyable, and you cannot wait to get your images because you know he's good.

You get your DVD of all the images he took from that day. He was a good photographer, so all the images are processed well, the exposures are correct, color balance is nice, etc. He used some depth-of-field techniques and creative angles for some good effects.

Wow, you say. These look beautiful, as you see images that might look like this:

Here's a secret. A photographer worth his or her salt can make a decent image. What makes a decent image great, though?

It's what professionals offer that amateurs can't.

It's retouching, post-processing, detail work within the image. It's the skill to know what to highlight to the viewer. It's taking a decent image and turning it into a work of art. A masterpiece. An heirloom that you can pass on to your children.

Can you make a "bad" image "good?" No. Can you take an out-of-focus image and make it sharp? No. Can you take burned out highlights (pure-white areas) of an image and put detail and texture back in? No.

But you can take a great image, and make it stunning.

Most photographers don't include the retouching and detailed post-processing in their DVD images.

          Why not?
This retouching, detail work, and post-processing takes a while. Anywhere from 2-20 minutes.
Might not seem like much, but take even 3 minutes multiplied by just 300 images.
900 minutes. 15 hours. Ouch. 

There's no way to recover those costs without charging astronomical prices. Or doing a sloppy job on the images.

If you settle for the DVD, is that all you're getting? A great image? No retouching? No beautiful prints? No album? Nothing to document your day besides images?

... when you could take advantage of your photographer's skill, training, and expertise, a service that you hired, to do this:

Don't settle for regular, nice images. Don't settle for a DVD.

Rather, expect the best. Let your photographer work for you. Let him or her create a beautiful wall portrait, gorgeous gallery wrap, or stunning album just for you, retouched to perfection. Without a single flaw. Just the way it should be.



Still want that DVD full of just regular, plain images?

Expect the best. Expect Baseman Studios Photography.

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  1. I don't know what it costs but I'm sure it's worth it. I wish I had nice wedding pictures & it was one of the most important things to me but I let it go. Sure wish I didn't. I think you're right!