Thursday, July 15, 2010

9 Reasons I Love Photographing "The Men" at Weddings | Neenah Wedding Photographer

1. They arrive in trucks.

2. They're natural-born posers.

3. Always good for a laugh.

4. Never solemn or serious. (4.5. Can't stop them from smiling at the camera.)

5. They look good in tuxes.

6. They completely surprise you.

7. See number 6.

8. They'll whip out something like this!

9. They look good without tuxes. ;)


  1. LOL!! So...when are you shooting the next wedding and do you need a helper?! ;o)

  2. HAHA those are FUNNY, Mariah! great photographs too! (yeah, ahem..specially certain ones...ahem, ahem) ;)

  3. Dibs on a 30x24 of the last one!
    haha :) seriously though, love these.

  4. Well, this sure brings out the comments. :) Mir, you and me both. haha

    Thanks, Elissa, and Aleigh... I'm pretty sure you're kidding, but it would be nice to have an assistant sometimes. :)

  5. ohmygoodness! I thought the bridge one was fake! yikes. These are really fun, Mariah.

  6. hahahaha. Apparently my name is "jane" on my google account. My one attempt at foiling identity thieves. HA. This was before I put my entire life and my every move on a website...maybe you've heard of it...

  7. ACK. I was so amused by "jane" that I forgot to tell you who I actually am. Brenda, Sara's auntie.