Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Some Retouching Action!

My first retouching job!

Many thanks to Weston Rickenberg, whose photos these are. His cousin Melanie W. wanted her senior photos retouched and commissioned me for the job!
Woo hoo!

Most of the originals are on the top or the left.

This one I accidentally put the original on the right.


  1. are awesome at Photoshop. Nice job.

  2. Teach me...Teach me!!! Great work Mariah, they look amazing!

  3. bottom one is my fav.
    yeah thats right mariah
    you have super mad skills
    btw, even though its forever in the future
    i would love if you could do my pics.
    i just have to convince mom and dad first.
    anyway, i might see you this weekend
    miss youu

  4. Yes, thanks again, very awesome job, srsly, wow. Can't wait to see more.