Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Not so glamorous...

I guess the whole glamor thing didn't go over very well... especially on Facebook.

Right. So I just did these normally. Bo-ring.

But still fun, I guess. Hopefully I'll post more tomorrow once I get some more done from our fall shoot.

Didn't really like the pose on these next two... but they were somewhat cute. And seeing as though these were test shots for my exposure...


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  2. I thought the same on that first one, but I do love the very first railroad one. Love that track.

  3. hey, looked through your blog again and it looks like you're doing pretty well updating! lots of new stuff! anyhow, great job with your retouching and the new pictures of suz - as for the glamour ones I would say try not to leave as much room above her head, the lighting is awesome! and I think her hair looks great except maybe not in front of her eye. but that's just my humble opinion :P the ones of her on the railroad look siiiiick though, awesome job on that - what kind of lens are you using? keep up the great work! :)

  4. I absolutely adore the first one but I agree about the hair on her forehead....

  5. Well, I didn't crop any of these, so they're shot to apply an 8x10 crop, which gets rid of nearly 1/3 of the picture on the top, bottom, or both. So, Josh, that would solve the space above her head. :)

    As far as the hair, I was having a lazy photoshop day... didn't feel like recreating freckles and skin color where there once was reddish hair. :) Oops.

  6. Oh and lens... nothing other than a 70-200mm IS L (I never know where that "l" comes in for the description). Super sweet portrait lens, can't wait to get one... its only $1500.. :)