Tuesday, November 25, 2008

More Justin

As promised...

More pics from when I went to "Sharky's" on College to shoot Justin. Some of these turned out pretty cool...

It was freeeezing outside.. like below 20 degrees..

Kind of hard to see what this is... they had a "mirror" on the ceiling above the playing area so I had Justin look up into it while I shot into it.. interesting.

Shooting again into a mirror... this one was on the wall.
Justin and Mikey, a friend

So serious.. I was going to use this one for the assignment, but decided that it wasn't apparent enough that the "thing" around him was a guitar..

Interesting angle..


  1. i love these photos!
    you are quite the expert :)
    btw, i keep forgetting to tell you which senior pics i want :\..sorry about that..i'll get to it.

  2. Thanks.. :)

    Whenever you're ready... actually, that would be awesome though.. I have to do some final projects and was going to use your pics for some of them..