Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Female Portrait

We had to do a female portrait utilizing 4 different styles of lighting and 3 different crops (head/shoulders, 3/4 length, full body). We got out the good ol' spot grids to do the more dramatic lighting, and though they were trickier than the parabolics, it was a lot of fun!

She was a great model... and a great sport, since it took two evenings in the studios to accomplish this!

These are in backwards order of the shoot... and except for a few, most of them just have the eyes enhanced in PS.

Also, this was done with a 70-200 IS Canon lens along with my 30D.. and all the studio equipment, of course.

Just having fun..

Close up
Love that BW drama!

Forgot to enhance the eyes...

The final 8x10 I printed and mounted

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  1. love it, mariah! care to come teach me a few things?? love yor work!