Thursday, October 2, 2008

Lines, Wrinkles, and Bears.. Oh My!

We did a challenging assignment in our intermediate Photoshop class that turned out to be really fun also. We learned about lines and which lines to soften, which lines to take out, etc and what to just leave to "finesse." Needless to say, I had a ball... :)



  1. I don't really know.. our instructors just give us example images to work on... we never know who they are so then we can make fun of them... ;) Wait, I didn't say make fun, did I? I meant... uhm.. exhort.. :)

  2. Well, that is what I wondered....because I will now leave the comment I wanted to leave originally.

  3. nope....still can't bring myself to hit is a really mean thing. Suffice to say it involves her big scary teeth, which will probably haunt my dreams....

  4. I thought she had huge teeth too Lisa. Like they don't look like they fit her face!! lol